IDEXX is leading the IoT way

16th century English philosopher and passionate advocate for the scientific method, Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power.” While the thought might be centuries old, it is driving the dramatic evolution of IoT (Internet of Things) and the IDEXX’s innovation journey with products and services such as IDEXX SmartService™.


As IDEXX customers run Chemistry, Hematology and the newest Urinalysis instrument, the SediVue Dx; SmartService™ monitors for ‘performance alerts’ reducing downtime, enhance functionality and keep the Veterinarian and Technicians focused on what matters most; the pet and pet-owner.


It’s more than just data.
We know data is only as good as what we do with it. This is a foundational element of IDEXX SmartService™ which provides veterinary practices with proactive services over a secure Internet connection for most IDEXX VetLab in-house analyzers. On a given day, SmartService manages more than 100 million transactions on over 40,000 devices including IDEXX VetLab Station, ProCyte Dx IPU, SediVue Dx, Digital and Cardiopet.


With the collective leadership of Melissa Lapointe and Biswa Prakash (Product Manager and Development Leader respectively for SmartService™) the team built a hybrid cloud application that uses the best of our IT infrastructure and Amazon Web Services.  With the information coming from SmartService, our product managers and R&D partners are able to identify the right initiatives that will benefit our customers the most.


The power of SmartService data doesn’t stop here. It also plays a pivotal role in exceeding customer expectations – with five key examples below.

Five ways SmartService™ continues to innovate and help IDEXX exceed customer expectations
1.       The application allows our Customer Experience consultants to have all the diagnostic information at their fingertips to help us resolve quickly and reliably our customer’s concerns.  We also can proactively address issues at the practice before they are even noticeable to our customers.

2.       SmartService™ enables NEO, (IDEXX SaaS based PIMS) to send their customer’s lab order to the IDEXX VetLab Station leveraging a micro service built to support this new Cloud Practice management software solution.

3.       SmartService™ enables new endeavors like our points programs to incentivize customers to purchase our equipment or consumables and the new “Pay Per Run” program for SediVue Dx which allows our customers to obtain revenue before we invoice them based on their utilization.

4.       Remote Access to allow for customer support to see exactly what the customer sees to speed up trouble shooting.

5.       Targeted software deployment to support geographical and/or corporate customer needs.


At IDEXX laboratories, our investment of IoT is going on five (5) years strong!  Connecting Veterinarians with diagnostic data is the heart of the IDEXX experience. “We are years ahead of most of the IoT industry,” says Jeff Dixon, Corporate VP of Customer Facing Software.  He continues, “The maturity of the team and our IoT environment enables quarterly releases a year without any fanfare or notice.  Our customers immediately see the benefits on the instruments and appreciate the low-touch and no-impact to their job.  The coolest thing is when our SmartService™ team attended a conference in Boston with the leading companies in the industry; instead of trying to sell their products, several started taking notes.”


Already, in the new world of IoT, IDEXX is a well-established leader.  With an eye on maturing the experience and building a strong foundation; the next question is obvious, where do we go from here?


In short, IDEXX is emphasizing “Self-Service”.


The self-service model is one where the customer is either unaware of issues because they were resolved without impact or is clearly informed on how to resolve quickly and easily.  In both cases, the ideal scenario is not to impact the pet and pet-owner.  In a recent article by Cisco describing primary drivers of Internet of Everything (IoE), value is found in employee productivity, cost reduction, citizen experience, and increased revenue.”[1]  The self-service model enables these points perfectly.


IDEXX Veterinarians and Technicians want the instruments to work as expected and when expected.   As technology changes, the consistent pillar at IDEXX is to keep the customer front and center of decision making.  With recent IoT history demonstrating, albeit a short history, one thing is certain; it is that IDEXX’s SmartService™ will be leading the way in connecting instrument information with Veterinarians and Technicians for the benefit of pets and their well-being.